Marius Zabinski

MARIUS ZABINSKI “To The Light”, 100 x 81 cm, oil on canvas — for sale

There is no doubt that originality in art is something very desirable, which can be noticed almost instantly, without hesitation. The best example lies here — You see a new painting and You know that this must be Zabinski. The originality in its best. Today we have exhibit His “To The Light” from His very private collection.

495 views May 17, 2017  
Wojciech Babski

WOJCIECH BABSKI "The Wall 2", oil, acrylic on canvas, 100 x 160 cm — for sale

He loves big paintings and vivid colors. This artist never hesitates to think big and paint big. We can notice an excellent use of pop art and woman’s portrait motives. We can admire bold, sketchy brushes for laying down paint. Street art (on canvas) is trendy and this painting will look terrific in any spacious interior.

705 views March 27, 2017