Ajise Vincent

To a belle dying young

Ajise Vincent is based in Sokoto, Nigeria. His works have appeared or are forthcoming at The Bond Street Review, Indiana Voice Journal, Jawline Review, Jalada, Ink and many more. He is a recipient of the Eriata Oribhabor poetry prize 2015.

1155 views July 6, 2016  
Sudeep Adhikari

"Self-Organization, Life and Consciousness: Relational Pluralism under the Light of Smolinian Cosmology" by SUDEEP ADHIKARI

“It is certain beyond the reasonable doubt that within the current scientific paradigm, origin of life is still an elusive mystery. We can, however, be optimistic that the new principle of self-organization based on theory of complexity might have some answers in its repertoire.”

997 views June 30, 2016  
Malkeet Kaur

MALKEET KAUR "Musings of a Teacher"

“I felt a sudden influx of far away possibilities in my precocious heart. The breeze that left me mildly chattering held a promise of what life was capable of giving. The rosy sky turned the umberageous apartments sepia, ingurgitating the sullen fierceness of the summer Sun. I welcomed the first pinch of winter on the tips of the toes and fingers.”

359 views June 26, 2016