Alicja Brodowicz

Mother and Daughter

The child’s firm earth must be left someday to go on with life. The series explores the mother and daughter relationship; it is about the physical and the emotional distance that increases as the child grows and gains independence. It is about the feeling of immense pride and also great pain.

863 views December 23, 2016  
Sudeep Adhikari

"The Hyper-Reality of New Media: The Matrix Revisited" by SUDEEP ADHIKARI

“Our consciousness has been so radically re-organized by information, which is mostly in the form of internet that it is simulating a hyper-world by itself! Not by machines, or aliens or gods; but by our own mind. Apart from the real world with 4-dimensional space-time, we are also a part of a self-created hyper-reality, constantly reinforced in loops by the new media of Internet.”

661 views March 9, 2017  
Sudeep Adhikari

"A Philosophical Investigation of the Idea of 'Psyche as a Self-Organizing System' within the Premises of Jungian Depth-Psychology" by SUDEEP ADHIKARI

“Life emerged miraculously from the primordial molecular chaos, purely as a chance occurrence. There is no causal way to link the incomprehensible multiplicity of life and consciousness to its carbon-compound underground.”

556 views October 29, 2016