D.B. Tarpley

"The ubiquitous ‘I’ or that dogmatic nameless bastard" — interview

“Can we even call it writing these days? When I first started I was a ‘writer’ in that I would fill notebook after notebook up with pencil scribbles. Now, I can hardly write legible cursive. No, these days it should be called typing or word processing. No one writes longhand, and if they do it has to be because they don’t have access to a processor.”

216 views May 24, 2017  
Marius Zabinski

MARIUS ZABINSKI “To The Light”, 100 x 81 cm, oil on canvas — for sale

There is no doubt that originality in art is something very desirable, which can be noticed almost instantly, without hesitation. The best example lies here — You see a new painting and You know that this must be Zabinski. The originality in its best. Today we have exhibit His “To The Light” from His very private collection.

435 views May 17, 2017  
Robert Hilles

ROBERT HILLES “For Safekeeping”

“For years, Averie’s life could be summed up by a simple set of whole numbers-15 years in school, 5 years living common law, 10 years at the same electronics firm, 6 years of marriage to Bruce. Now it’s fragments of fragments-a partial set of calculations at best. Until her father died she hadn’t wanted children and only thought of them as part of a vague future she hadn’t committed to yet.”

759 views May 5, 2017  
Wojciech Babski

WOJCIECH BABSKI "The Wall 2", oil, acrylic on canvas, 100 x 160 cm — for sale

He loves big paintings and vivid colors. This artist never hesitates to think big and paint big. We can notice an excellent use of pop art and woman’s portrait motives. We can admire bold, sketchy brushes for laying down paint. Street art (on canvas) is trendy and this painting will look terrific in any spacious interior.

661 views March 27, 2017  
Conrad C. Jones

Life is good. Pop Art is better

Conrad spends a lot of time in sunny Spain, painting mainly on commissions. He knows how to enjoy life. He loves surfing. The positive energy found on sunny Spanish beaches seems to fill up all His artwork. There is also a bit of English history in many of His paintings and newspaper collages — Winston Churchill, James Bond and famous Hollywood films characters. Plus lots of portraits of beautiful women. Art is good and life is good. Undeniably.

600 views January 21, 2017  
Alicja Brodowicz

Mother and Daughter

This is a sophisticated, absorbing and poetic work of photographic art. The child’s firm earth must be left someday to go on with life. The series explores the mother and daughter relationship; it is about the physical and the emotional distance that increases as the child grows and gains independence. It is about the feeling of immense pride and also great pain.

962 views December 23, 2016  
Claudio Parantela

Punk Alchemist of Contemporary Italian Avant-garde

Art is eternal. Avant-garde is immortal. It pushes the boundaries of what is accepted as the norm or the status quo, primarily in the cultural realm. Today we welcome the visual art of Claudio Parantela who transports viewers to his eclectic personal world of psychological grotesque and unreal human experiences.

590 views December 2, 2016  
D. B. Tarpley


“Most members of the media in this country are all in a state of shock right now. These are the people who have been coming out of the woodwork in support of Hillary in Gala after Gala. And still Trump has connected with more voters having only himself behind the podium. It has been the great mistake of the liberal elite to discount the moral majority/ Middle America as ignorant or flat out stupid… with beliefs which are laughable and therefore irrelevant.”

666 views November 9, 2016  
Changming Yuan


Changming Yuan, 9-time Pushcart nominee and one-time Best of the Net nominee, started to learn English at age 19 and published monographs on translation before moving out of China. Currently, Changming edits Poetry Pacific with Allen Yuan in Vancouver, and has poetry appearing in Best Canadian Poetry, BestNewPoemsOnline, Threepenny Review and 1239 others.

457 views November 5, 2016