Slawomir Shuty TRIP


Suffering from writer’s block, the Author decides to induce inspiration chemically. The pastry he consumes transports him, like the fairy tale Alice, into a land of hallucinogenic visions. The revelation results in an increase of creative potential.

10774 views September 10, 2016  
D.B Tarpley

D.B. TARPLEY “1000 Assholes with a whistle”

“Every evil in this country does not go back to the sin of slavery. How many years of padding will it take before we all see ourselves simply as Americans? I cannot seriously believe that the vast majority of black people living in America would really rather be in Africa with all it’s disease, unbearable heat, and simple lack of quality cable T.V.”

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Ajise Vincent

To a belle dying young

Ajise Vincent is based in Sokoto, Nigeria. His works have appeared or are forthcoming at The Bond Street Review, Indiana Voice Journal, Jawline Review, Jalada, Ink and many more. He is a recipient of the Eriata Oribhabor poetry prize 2015.

1119 views July 6, 2016