A note on the artistic merit, or lack, of the work presented in this slideshow by Luis Quiles. When I was given this work to evaluate it was mentioned to me that Banksy’s name had come up in connection with this artist’s name, largely due to the mystery presented by the lack of information on the artist himself. To that I can only say “Bullshit!” To compare this work to that of Banksy is to throw a bunch of squares and circles on a piece of paper, draw an eye, and call it a Picasso.
[Graphics by Luis Quiles source: artist’s FB fan page]

This work is way too blue and derivative to approach anything akin to Banksy. I am a firm believer in separating the artist from the art anyway and would love it if all art were somehow presented anonymously.

The art world in general is way too fond of building a story behind the artist as if they were a contestant on a reality show who has to mention their mother died of cancer every two seconds to get notice and sympathy.

So that being said, let’s look at this art. It presents a message of anti-capitalism while condemning the White, or Western, influences on the world through cruel satire. I say cruel because the work is extremely mean spirited in nature without much by way of inspiration. The majority of the work consists of characters drawn in an exaggerated Disney style, often shown in pornographic poses, assumedly to act as some sort of juxtaposition. The message is clear. The problem, for me is the slideshow presentation with so much of it back to back to back. If, as an artist, you are going to try to use some sort of shocking imagery you should do so sparingly. Otherwise it loses its punch and just becomes banal. It is obvious that this artist wishes they were Banksy in the worst way. It is equally obvious they are not. Banksy’s work has always had threads of hope, good will, and intelligence in its observations. This work seems to only want to demonize what it finds frustrating and wage all-out war to the point of obliteration. That is an excellent way to alienate your audience. Then everything you are trying to communicate fails to deliver. If I am to take this collection of pictures as a summation of the artist’s worldview I would have to say that they feel the following: All black people are starving African orphans/ All women are white curvaceous sexually objectified creatures who seemingly enjoy the abuse/ All white men are fat greedy bastards who consume fast food every chance they get when they are not objectifying women/ Money and the people who have it are pure evil and would enslave every last human being other than themselves on the planet if given the opportunity. I say ‘All’ because given the plethora of pictures and the redundancy of the imagery – a comprehensive summation of their view is indeed presented. If this were one picture I would not be able to say that. If this were one picture I might be able to appreciate it more. If this were one picture I would not have just lost three minutes of my life. D.B Tarpley
Luis Quiles — spanish artist who said about himself. Many years ago, I started in my actual style with that drawing. Is not against Mc Donald’s, just a confrontation about nutritional problems in the first world (fast food) and the third world (no food).. More details of his life remains obscure.
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LUIS QUILES — new scandalmonger arrived to our little town
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