Resuscitate (After Peter Gizzi)

It’s good to be the Walking Dead in America,
the survivors-the living are the old Republicans the
Walking Dead cannot feast on nothingness.
Siri is a goddess of misinformation, making the lonely
fall in love with the siren sounds of her voice, we are
all doomed to die from the disease, our mouths muted-
carpal tunnel crippling our thumbs, romance is dead
inside, just like our bodies. The sloppy sex of pornography
keeps our limbs wiggling, tongues salivating, we
Tweet our eulogies in 140 characters or less, what happened
to smoke signals? It’s good to be the uninformed in America,
we rush to the E.R. after checking WebMD for symptoms
of Ebola-when we live in North West Oklahoma City. We’ve
been over exposed to Mary Fallin, Sally Kern, toting legislation
telling us who we can love with “conversion therapy.”
Learning to repeat history with House Bill 1380,
and that wearing a hoodie makes you a criminal.
It’s good to be privileged and white in America,
to believe in reverse racism, to not be accused of terrorism,
to not have to worry about being shot to death, unarmed,
with hands up, or hands cuffed behind backs.
It is a post-racist America, that’s what all the privileged white men say.
It’s good to be a culturally appropriating Katy Perry in America,
so many people feel like a plastic bag floating in the wind,
for so long we’ve watched those plastic bags float in the wind.
We blamed Alan Ball for writing American Beauty,
and the weird kid with the video camera;
Katy and her fireworks have invaded the minds of youth,
the same youth that dresses like a “Mexican” for Halloween
because it’s fucking “cute.”
It’s good to be a puppet in America,
someone’s hands always fiddling around in our back pockets-looking for
our last couple of bucks, our lost sense of reality,
picking the pockets of the poor and disenfranchised.
It’s good to be ableist in America, double parking in handicapped spots
and calling Autistic people retarded.
It’s good to have a cunt in America,
to be told how to keep it clean, how to force feed it politics,
how to collapse it down in case of emergency,
to learn to keep the PH balanced in case of pregnancy, in case of rape,
in case we have to explain why we wore a red dress that night,
or jeans and a t-shirt, because having a cunt in America means
we asked for it, means we are open for business, ready for poltergeists.
It’s good to be green in America, to eat honey in America,
to let the bees die in America,
it’s good to make sure we’re dying in America,
too drunk and stoned and over sexualized in America,
it’s good to be a rat in America,
and it’s good to eat our feelings in America,
it’s good to pretend there is no them, no there, no us.
It’s good to be the Walking Dead in America.

Jennifer E. Hudgens — originally from Oklahoma City has been published in some stuff and is currently pursuing her Bachelor’s degree in Creative Writing at the University of Central Oklahoma. She thinks life is poetry if you’re paying attention. Jennifer watches the sky the way most people watch television. She is terrified of clowns, horses, and animatronic toys. She genuinely hopes you enjoy her poems.
More: Portfolio|Soundcloud|Facebook fan page

It’s good to be a puppet in America. JENNIFER E. HUDGENS “Resuscitate”
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