Greetings and salutations people and peoplettes.
I’ve got something to say but ya’ll ain’t gonna like it. My dear D.B., what ever could it be? Well I’m glad you asked.
The synchronized attack in Paris, France on 11-13-2015 which claimed the lives of 153 (+) people was not an act of evil. I repeat… not an act of evil.
I realize this is not a popular statement and I am sure my words will be misconstrued as an endorsement of the cowardly actions of the aggressors involved. But I can assure you they are not.
In the wake of the event my feed has become inundated with posts such as –
‘Our hearts go out to the people of Paris France.’
‘These monsters need to be stopped.’
‘The horror.’
‘We will stand with you.’
And of course,
‘There is evil in the world, and we will stand against it.’

Mikhail Kalashnikov -- inventor of AK 47 machine gun. Photo: Vladimir Vyatkin/AP.

Mikhail Kalashnikov — inventor of AK 47 machine gun. Photo: Vladimir Vyatkin/AP

Many people tonight are equating the face of evil with the face of Islam… the face of Satan with the face that person sitting across from them on the bus, you know – the brown one with the culturally alienating facial hair. Or to be more specific, people are equating the face of evil with the other side of the coin… the other side of the war. (Because if they are ‘evil’ then of course we must be ‘good.’)
Such simplistic moral tags do not apply here. It is a comforting notion of course, as people magnanimously show support for dead people across the world they never knew by following the cultural trend of flashing some metaphorical mono-meme as a means of resolving something which is hard to wrap their brains around.
Please do not take offense if you posted a sympathetic note to France. I am not calling you stupid. I am sure the families of those murdered appreciate every digitally transmitted whimsical 2 second blurb which you sandwiched between Starbucks rants and bathroom selfies. Solidarity… bravery… ‘They’ will not steal our sunshine…
I reiterate… the attackers were not ‘evil’ people.
They were soldiers fighting a war most Westerners will never understand or relate to. It is guerilla warfare to be sure, cowardly yet effective. These men had a point, they had a message, and their means of spreading it, however controversial, may have been the only method available to them at the time. They are at war… we are at war… the world is at war.
And there are no rules in war.
When the American colonial revolutionaries engaged in guerilla warfare against the British occupation they were seen by some as being every bit as evil, every bit as cowardly as the men in question. In Vietnam, everyone was perplexed when America invaded the country… why won’t these people come out of their holes and fight us like men? Evil cowards!
Why won’t they fight us like men?
We can just line up on a football field, America’s armed forces verses the assorted Jihadists and settle this once and for all; us with our unmanned drones and them with their Kalashnikovs. That is only fair right? I mean after all, they started it. They hate our freedom.
It has nothing to do I am sure with American and European imperialism in the region from the creation of the state of Israel to the dissection of the Ottoman Empire moving people and places around like so many chess pieces over the years. No it could have nothing to do with that. It is evil pure and simple.
War has no rules. I cannot say that enough.
But D.B., these were not soldiers they were civilians.
Approximately a month ago, 10-6-2015, the United States government executed an air strike on a Doctors Without Borders Hospital in Kunduz, Afghanistan in which 22 doctors and patients were killed. There was no military benefit to the attack whatsoever. These were not soldiers; they were unarmed sick men, women, and children surgically attacked in an extremely organized manner using todays most advanced military weaponry.
Surely there was an outcry.
Surely people rushed to express ‘Our hearts are with you Kunduz.’
Surely memes abounded talking about the inherent evil which needed to be stopped.
Surely… no, the answer is no. I do not recall seeing one.
Not one.
And what happened to these evil men once their deeds came to light? Essentially the international community got, ‘Our bad dog.’
Everyone’s bad.
There are no rules in war.
There is also no evil. Evil is dictated by the victor, he who still has his dick to do the ‘tating with. It is easy to cast moral aspersions on the attackers in this situation. I get it. But I doubt there was anything personal in the attacks, by which I mean I doubt these men with the guns personally knew any of the people they hit. It is war, and in war you have to turn a blind eye to seeing your target as a person. They have to become a thing. Is this tragic? Is this a horror of human nature which one day needs to end? Is this desire to kill as a means of conflict resolution the height of mankind’s stupidity?
I don’t know.
Maybe you should ask one of the 151 nations currently engaged in some sort of military conflict. This of course includes France.
Is war stupid?
Who are we to judge?
The attack in France was cowardly, stupid, tragic, and wrong in just about every way. But only a simpleton would call it evil. It is bigger than that.
(Evil: profoundly immoral and malevolent.)
If morality is established by societal norms… well, I’ll let you do the math.
You don’t have to like what I have said here today, you don’t have to agree with it. All I would ask is the next time you take the time and effort to hit the ‘share’ while expressing your deep felt personal beliefs, take a moment to question what exactly those beliefs are and why they exist in the first place.
Until next time this is D.B.Tarpley reminding you to question everything, and to leave the pages bloody.
The son of a poor immigrant philanthropist. D.B. Tarpley got his start writing dialogue for the imaginary friends of imagination deficient kids on the Lower East Side. ‘The Death of Love’ is D.B.Tarpley’s latest book. I am telling everyone and anyone who will listen to take a look at this book!… It’s a page turner… I have NO IDEA where Tarpley is going with this!… Tarpley must be a genius, he surprises in (both) big and little ways”. – five star review. Over the years D.B. has been discovered and recognized by the Lewis N. Clark committee for creative mastery; in addition to this D.B. was recently tossed the Paul Reubens Fellowship for excellence in self awareness. He currently Summers in Manitowoc, Wisconsin; and Winters in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin. In addition to writing, D.B. is an internationally acclaimed adult diaper model/ pastry chef. His work has been featured in ‘Pee-n-Poop Wear Quarterly’ as well as ‘Dem Some Fine Damn Muffins Magazine.’ His advice to readers everywhere is “Leave the pages bloody.”
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Photo: Mikhail Kalashnikov — the inventor of AK-47 machine gun
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D.B. TARPLEY “The definition of evil”
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