Brilliantly edited architecture photos of Carla DLM and Loic Remy recall memories of powerful ancient cities or great lost civilizations. We can see two sophisticated photographic styles, like two worlds, coming into contact with each other, leaving You dazzled, filled with admiration. The rich, refined, innovative texture, airy compositions, boldness and stylishness. Something pure and fresh. The new trend in photography is coming.
[Photos by Carla DLM and Loic Remy source: portfolios]

Two photographers — Carla DLM from New York City and Loïc Remy from Paris, have joined efforts in an ongoing collaboration that transcends borders and connects  “the city that doesn’t sleep” and “the city of light”. Together, they have created a series they titled “Phantasma”. Their idea brings the two cities together from a surreal and ghostly perspective, giving a sense of confusion but intriguing beauty.  Their unusual creative ideas and photographic visions gave birth to an original project that bridges two continents and defies photographic norms. “Phantasma” is a series of photographs that combines images of the two most photogenic cities in the world: New York and Paris. Both cities share many similarities and are unique at the same time, but this is not about getting a result with speech photos or sense, it is more about forms and feelings. This series meets through the Atlantic Ocean. Paris has always existed in her mind as New York has existed in his. A vision very close to a fantasy or a “fantasma”, which in Spanish means ghost. The “spectre” of Paris haunts Carla while the New York’s one haunts Loïc. — press release
Carla DLM has always had a passion for photography and art. She holds an engineering degree and is also a website designer. When she moved to the New York City area at the end of 2014, she started exploring photography techniques that she has never used before. Conquering them was not easy, but it has allowed her to passionately experiment with surrealism and abstraction, and their interplay with detail. The pervasive tension between these two elements underlies many of her works and transmits an exquisite dreamy and eerie balance between chaos and beauty.
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Loïc Remy is a french photographer and graphic designer based in Paris. He tries to destroy the world by capturing it on the sensor of his camera. His initial training, specially in the study of comics and working as a colorist, allowed him to develop a sensitivity to colors, details and perspectives that gives him the ability to enhance his vision as a photographer. Mastering different photography techniques lets him give free rein to his creativity in his works.
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CARLA DLM & LOIC REMY — defying photographic norms in NYC and Paris
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