Vladimir Volegov is famous for his figurative paintings with the surrounding bursts of colour. This artist doesn’t fit the modern “crazy” experimental style of painting. His way of portraying man may be referred to the great 19’th century russian school of painting. A landscape and man in Volegov’s paintings interact with each other, in a natural, indivisible form. Watching these masterful works, leave You with an impression that man without landscape and landscape without man would be incomplete. This magnificent harmony of colours and light plus flawless craftsmanship, ensures a successful reception of his paintings. The artist doesn’t try to please tastes of critics. He remains untouched by any temporary artistic styles and he enjoys a great deal of worldwide acclamation.
[Paintings by Vladimir Volegov source: artist’s portfolio]

I was born on 19th of December, 1957 in Khabarovsk. The passion for drawing has begun in my earliest childhood. Until I was 12 years old I had often moved with my mother from one city of Ural Mountain to another. In 1969 my family moved to Krivoi Rog, Ukraine, where I went to art school №1. I started to earn money since 14 years old, by drawing a 3-meter posters for a cinema. In 1982 I entered Lvov Poligraphic Institute. Since 1985 I have headed an association of artists in Krivoi Rog, “Splav”. In 1988 I moved to Moscow, where I started to work in several companies at the same time, “Melodia”, edition company “Plakat”, an advertising company “ReklamFilm”, also I was painting portraits on famous street of Arbat. I used to make designs of CD’s, albums covers, posters; since 1990 I have started to travel to Europe. I have drawn portraits on streets of Barcelona, Wien, Berlin etc. Since 1991 I have participated in a project called “A month of Artists” in Wels, Austria. This project was successful during 10 years. In 2004 I have started to collaborate with Weinstein Art Management. I signed a contract with Soho Editions, after this I started successful collaboration with Galeries Bartoux in France and also with galleries in Spain, Italy. Currently I live and work in Spain.
Vladimir Volegov was born in Chabarovsk, Russia. By the tender age 3, he was already experimenting with painting. Volegov attended Krivoj Roj for his art education, and after completing his military duty he was admitted into Lvov Polygraphic Institute in the former Soviet Union. By 1984, he was participating in International Competitions for poster art. He won many of the competitions he entered. In 1988, Volegov moved to Moscow. He began to be approached by prominent Russian publishing houses with job opportunities designing various media. Vladimir started to travel throughout Europe in 1990. He lives in Spain.
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14.08.2014 Spain

VLADIMIR VOLEGOV — magnificent harmony of colour and light
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  1. You have inspired me to paint! I love to watch you on you tube. Your work is magnificent! Thank you so much for sharing your talent. I have learned a lot by watching you create.

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