Robert Hilles

ROBERT HILLES “For Safekeeping”

“For years, Averie’s life could be summed up by a simple set of whole numbers-15 years in school, 5 years living common law, 10 years at the same electronics firm, 6 years of marriage to Bruce. Now it’s fragments of fragments-a partial set of calculations at best. Until her father died she hadn’t wanted children and only thought of them as part of a vague future she hadn’t committed to yet.”

819 views May 5, 2017  
D. B. Tarpley

The Doorman

“I wrap my arms around my shoulders and rub. It is colder than a dead pre-school teacher’s cunt out here. I have been told to stand regally in front of the door, to respect the stature and tradition of the position, but I am not wearing a tall fuzzy hat and this ain’t London luv.”

534 views November 9, 2016  
Linda Heuring


Linda H.Heuring is an award-winning writer of character-driven short stories. She has given voice to teenage boys, retired school teachers, widows, New York artists, murderesses, men of size, and other diverse characters.

1685 views May 20, 2015