Robin Alexandra

Everything is connected

“What kind of social software must we be programmed with, or what magnitude of cognitive dissonance must we be suffering from, to resist and reject integrating this knowledge into the mainstream; why is the natural completion of the female’s sexual experience relegated to some niche, perverted, porn site category? We’re not trying to say that female ejaculation can win against guns.”

461 views July 11, 2017  
Morris Brady

How Confident Are You As a Woman?

“In some western cultures, women don’t remove their underarm hair. If you are not familiar with this, it can be quite a shock. In the west, we tend to associate hair in this area with men only. It is a question of taste, culture, what is normal for individuals, and should not be looked down on. For me, the ‘biggy’ is the shaving of the pubic area. We tend to think of this as being clean, tidy, and pleasing to men.”

546 views November 22, 2016  
D. B. Tarpley


“Most members of the media in this country are all in a state of shock right now. These are the people who have been coming out of the woodwork in support of Hillary in Gala after Gala. And still Trump has connected with more voters having only himself behind the podium. It has been the great mistake of the liberal elite to discount the moral majority/ Middle America as ignorant or flat out stupid… with beliefs which are laughable and therefore irrelevant.”

712 views November 9, 2016