Robin Alexandra

Everything is connected

“What kind of social software must we be programmed with, or what magnitude of cognitive dissonance must we be suffering from, to resist and reject integrating this knowledge into the mainstream; why is the natural completion of the female’s sexual experience relegated to some niche, perverted, porn site category? We’re not trying to say that female ejaculation can win against guns.”

461 views July 11, 2017  
Sudeep Adhikari

"Self-Organization, Life and Consciousness: Relational Pluralism under the Light of Smolinian Cosmology" by SUDEEP ADHIKARI

“Our material universe is a quantum-mechanical relativistic manifold. At the cosmological scale, the nature and evolution of universe is governed by relativity and at sub-atomic level, the evolution and properties of matter is governed by quantum mechanics.”

1318 views June 30, 2016