Greetings and salutations people and peoplettes, D.B.Tarpley here ready to provide another artistic review of another artist’s art. If the artist in question were actually named Art we would have all the makings of an Abbott and Costello routine. But no. This artist’s mother had to go and name him Slawomir Shuty… the woman obviously had no sense of humor whatsoever. It would even be beneficial if the art in question were shitty so that I could go on and on about how shitty Shuty’s shit is. But alas, that is not the case either. Shit. This piece is actually pretty damn good.The gist of it seems, to me – an uncultured eye, that of a writer – or artist’s journey as they travel along the path of creation – the trip then of course being an act of creation itself and ultimately the finished piece of art. Even a dunce like I can get this. The film uses stop motion animation of live film cells intercut with computer based animations to tell its tale. Along the way the artist takes a hallucinogenic which then allows him to enter his art and be physically affected by it. Pictures take on a deeper profundity as words become bees intent on stinging his brain with their poignantly pointed pointers. You get the point. The art is affecting the creation process as it unfolds. At various points the trip is seen as harrowing and alternately pedestrian in nature. The point being that perspective is everything and perhaps art can have equally disparate effects on various receptacles.

And the artist finds clarity amidst the chaos.

The Trip also seems to chronicle the struggle of getting the purity of concept which resides in your head into the finished product in as equally a grand form. As a writer myself I can relate to this struggle and disclose that I have never had a piece come out as perfectly as I had pictured it in my head. At a certain point the Trip folds back in on itself as the artist goes deeper and deeper inside his head to get to the truth of the matter. He mines old material which has been successful before in an effort to recapture some former glory. But at this point and time the ideas are all perverted, their once pure viewpoint now tainted by the filter of his maturity and experiences since. The disillusionment of this epiphany is almost too much for him to bear. But this realization also becomes a new truth of its own full of new strength, purity, and power. (I can sooo relate to this part as I am constantly discovering new strength, purity, and power in my pants.) The artist then uses this new knowledge to edit his old ideas into a form acceptable to his current aesthetic. There were many ideas and concepts in this film which I could relate to as an artist. And all in all I am very glad I went on this journey with Mr. Shuty. I am equally glad I did not have to talk about his shit. I am not a scatological expert. Well there was this one time at band camp. — D.B. Tarpley
Written by Slawomir Shuty
Realization: Slawomor Shuty, Tomasz Bochniak
Camera: Kajetan Plis
Sound and Music: Lukasz Swierzawski
Recording: Robert Docew
Producer: Piotr Marecki
Production: Korporacja Hal!art 2012
Slawomir Shuty — recognized intermedia artist, writer, movie director, performer, photographer, author of the first polish hypertext. Lives in Cracow, Poland.
Prizes: Passport of Politics nr 12/2004, and Cracow book of the month, January 2005 for novel book “Drift”. Main Prize on Independent Movie Festival organized by Polish Television in 2006 for movie “Luna”. Main Audience Prize in Movie Festival in Gdynia 2012, Poland for movie “Room”. Golden Anteater in Movie Festival in Lublin 2012 for movie “Room”. First Prize in storyline category in Movie Festiwal. ŻubrOFFka 2012 for movie “Room”. Stipendist Polish Ministry of Culture in 2005 and 2010 year. Stipendist Homines Urbani in 2008 year.
Movies: “On the road” 2002 . “Luna” 2006. “Room” 2010. “Trip” 2012 (animation) . “The Mother Matrix” 2013 (animation). “Cargo” (animation) 2015
Exhibitions: Concrete Heritage Center of Contemporary Art, Ujazdowski Castle, Warsaw 2007. Video Connotations Nuremberg House in Cracow 2007. Harvest paintings, Patio Center of Arts, Łódź Poland 2008. Tank of Culture, opening season, Cracow 2013. Trip Folk, Art Agenda Nova, Cracow 2014.
Theater: Disco Polo Opera
Books: Brand New Taste (1999). Jabber (2001). Sugar Level Normal (2002). Drift (2004). Product Polish (2005). Sugar Level Normal with Extrabonus (2005). Movements (2008). Lizard (2012). Nineties (2013)
More: Portfolio|Facebook

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