He was born in Portugal. He lives in Lisbon. When Rui turned 14, he discovered his new passion – photography. Since 2001 he has dedicated himself to “street photography” becoming a true master in this field. Rui Palha participated in over 20 photo exhibitions. He is a prize-winner of 5 prestigious photo competitions including SPA/RTP “Best Work of Photography” 2011. This is what the author says about his work as a photographer:
Photography is a very important part of my space. It is to be discover. It is to capture, giving flow to what the heart feels and sees in a certain moment. It is being in the streets, experiencing, understanding, learning and essentially, practicing the freedom of being, of living, of thinking.Rui Palha

[Photos by Rui Palha source: artist’s portfolio]

I try to be a story teller using images, telling to the others what I “see” everyday during my “street walks”. My photographic “world” is in Lisbon, 90% of my photos are made in my own town, where the anonymous people are the main actors of my photographs. I try to gain an insight into their feelings, thoughts with the help of their gestures, motions… I always try to show, among the real life scenes of the everyday life, the beauty that always exists inside the unknown People, my “street models”, the beauty of the human race independently of the color, the religion and the politics. As you know I am an amateur and I will have this status until the end of my life. It’s the only way to do what I want and not what the others want I do. Everybody has to be (and feel) free to create, to reflect what is inside themselves.
More: Portfolio|Flickr|artLimited|fineart-portugal|Facebook
03.09.2013. Lisbon

A city created for photographers. RUI PALHA — magnificent streets of Lisbon
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