Landscape photography is one of the basic and most important genres of photography, which Piotr Krol has led to an unprecedented perfection. Good landscape photos are not accidental. They require patience plus skills and each of these features are hardest to find, among contemporary photographers. The artistic work of Piotr Krol simply overwhelms a viewer with its sensual and romantic beauty. Excellent mastery of his creative workshop makes these photographs of nature a mystical and noble majesty. You can see how breathtaking are the the works of nature. The most beautiful thing is around us.
[Photos by Chris Piotr Krol source: artist’s portfolio]

I was born in central Poland in the 70s. My adventure with photography began in the 80s, when analog and photography ruled the world. You had to befriend with your home darkroom and liters of reagents. Then in order to show the “colour” in shades of gray, it was necessary to properly photograph (color filters, the right type of film) and then (using various tricks) to transfer the image onto the paper in such a way as to bring out all the details of the work properly. Now it is much easier, because most of the process is carried out at home and any mistake can be undone. Today’s technology allows you to make stuff, which once you could only dream of. I shoot mainly landscapes, trying to show what is the most beautiful thing around us. I’m using Nikon lenses with different focal lengths like 8-500 mm. In my photography I use a variety of techniques such as HDR/DRI, extended exposure by using ND filters, as well as shooting in the IR. I am the winner of many awards and photo contests and my photos appeared in many publications worlwide.
Piotr Krol: I was born in central Poland in the 70s. I currently live in Wroclaw. By profession I am an engineer of mechanics and engineering. The main passion of mine for many years is landscape photography. I am the winner of many awards and honors of photographic competitions. My work is being published in major online photo magazines, including and
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10.12.2014 Wrocław. Poland

PIOTR KROL. It is around us — the most beautiful thing
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