Patricia Piccinini — australian artist who works in a variety of media, including painting, video, sound, installation, digital prints, and sculpture. Some people view her sculptures as scary, creepy, disgusting degeneration. Others perceive it as a fine example of tenderness, beauty and love. Patricia’s one of the most renowned work — “The Young family” was inspired by scientists’ plans to begin breeding genetically-modified pigs to provide replacement organs and insulin-producing cells for humans. The work is not about whether such practices are right or wrong, but rather whether society will accept the outcomes of these developments. For me, The young family is about the ethical implications of creating new life to serve humans, and also about the interaction between emotion and rationality when thinking about these ‘creation’ issues.
[Sculptures by Patricia Piccinini source: artist’s portfolio]

It’s about evolution, nature – how nature is such a wonderful thing, we’re just here to witness it, it’s not here for us — genetic engineering, changing the body. — Patricia Piccinini
Patricia Piccinini — born 1965, Freetown, Sierra Leone; arrived in Australia 1972; lives and works in Melbourne. Patricia Piccinini has exhibited widely in Australia and internationally. In 2003 Piccinini represented Australia at the Venice Biennale. Recent solo exhibitions include Those Who Dream by Night, Haunch of Venison, London, 2012, and Structures of Support, Canberra Museum and Gallery, 2013. Survey exhibitions have been presented by the Australian Centre for Contemporary Art, Art Gallery of Western Australia, Museum of Contemporary Art and, most recently, by the Art Gallery of South Australia in 2011. In 2013 Piccinini was commissioned to create a hot-air balloon, Skywhale, for Canberra’s centenary.
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03.08.2014. Melbourne

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