Andre Krayewski

His career began almost half a century ago. He is now considered one of the most acclaimed maker of film posters

Andre Krayewski is an artist and Polish expatriate currently residing in Newark, New Jersey in the United States. With a career that spans more than half a century, he continues to masterfully create paintings in his art-deco signature style and in pop art style.

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Linda Heuring


Linda H.Heuring is an award-winning writer of character-driven short stories. She has given voice to teenage boys, retired school teachers, widows, New York artists, murderesses, men of size, and other diverse characters.

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Kevin Edlin

Most of us have been in a recording studio. Many of us have one in our home — interview with Nashville audio engineer

“it just occurred to me that even though I live in ‘Music City U.S.A.’ I have brought you very little in the world of music. Almost everyone in this city either is directly involved in some way or knows someone who is. We all have demo albums and we all play guitar. In fact many national acts will not come play our town because Nashville audiences are notoriously hard to impress. Half the people in the crowd can pick up any instrument on stage and give a comparable performance.”

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