You wanna stop these people and You wanna take the pictures – says Don McCullin in this poignant documentary film by BBC Imagine from 2012. Don McCullin is an internationally known British photojournalist, particularly recognized for his war photography. To many, He is the greatest living war photographer, often cited as an inspiration for today’s photojournalists.
McCullin’s firsthand accounts of what he witnessed gives harrowing but fascinating insights into scenes some of us can only imagine. As with all wars, the main victims are those innocent civilians stuck in the middle and McCullin’s descriptions of such people really put life into perspective and the luxuries that we all take for granted. This is at times uncomfortable and sobering viewing, but only due to the raw honesty of McCullin’s stories and photos. McCullin himself also emerges as not only a fascinating man, but a man of integrity and honesty. We could only imaging what witnessing some of the horrific events that he did would do to us psychologically and it is genuinely fascinating as he reveals what it did to him. This film also serves as a reminder to an irretrievable bygone era of journalism and does make us pose some questions about the integrity and honesty of 21st century journalism, especially photojournalism. As Don McCullin himself says: “Photography is the truth if it’s being handled by a truthful person. — MoodyB84
Don McCullin is an award-winning photographer and photo-journalist. Was made a Fellow of the Royal Photographic Society (FRPS) in 1977. Was awarded the CBE in 1993. He grew up in a tenement in Finsbury Park, at that time an impoverished section of north London. After the death of his father, he left school at 14. He spent two years in national service with the Royal Air Force during the 1950s. He traveled to Berlin in 1961 to document the building of the concrete wall dividing the city, part of the Iron Curtain. His Berlin photos led to a contract with The Observer. He photographed many wars, revolutions, and famines, including conflicts in the Congo, Biafra, Vietnam, Cambodia, Northern Ireland, and Lebanon.
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“McCullin” — documentary film about one of the greatest war photographers
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