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Our goal is to create a unique, modest but knowledgeable place, where art lovers and connoisseurs can see the most interesting contemporary artists, without being urged to “add to cart”, or “sign up to our newsletter”, like most art websites nowdays do. The online gallery NVLMS is a temple of art. No crowds. No rush. What we offer instead is a gallery with personal touch and enriched descriptions of all carefully chosen paintings, including interviews with the featured artists. Plus honesty and professionalism. Art gallery NVLMS is not a registered firm. It represents a group of art agents. Welcome to Novelmasters.


Devon College of Arts and Technology

1st, 2nd and 3rd Prize of The 2016 American Art Awards


To purchase works of art from our gallery, please contact Us on first. We would love to know You a bit better. We will discuss all details and options, including possibility to contact artists directly by the phone. Renowned art galleries most often are not favorable for artists. Please support the artists directly by purchasing works of art with Us. Thank You. C.Gretkus (art agent and publisher of NVLMS)
Currently exhibiting:
Marius Zabinski
Conrad C. Jones
Wojciech Babski

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