November 9, 2016… Those of us not obsessed enough to stay up until 1 am, the night before wake up to find that Donald Fucking Trump is the President Elect of the United States of America; that the man we have all considered a joke for the past year and a half has somehow become the leader of the free world.
I hesitate to write this. Not because I feel it is disingenuous or false in any sense of the word, but rather because this may, for some people take away their only coping mechanism in this scary new world they find themselves in. Sometimes it can be a very healing thing to wallow in a cloud of self-justified indignation and to feel as if ‘The sky is falling! The sky is falling!’
I can assure you it is not. Time to rip the band aid off.

That being said the main reason I am writing this is because astonishingly it seems that no one else can or will. Most members of the media in this country are all in a state of shock right now; no one seems to be thinking clearly. The vast majority of entertainers/ actors/ writers/ musicians/ and journalists in general all seem to fall on the liberal or at the very least extremely moderate ends of the spectrum. These are the people who have been coming out of the woodwork in support of Hillary in Gala after Gala. And still Trump has connected with more voters having only himself behind the podium. It has been the great mistake of the liberal elite to discount the moral majority/ Middle America as ignorant or flat out stupid… with beliefs which are laughable and therefore irrelevant. In this ‘democracy’ more participants voted for Trump than Hillary. The people in front of the camera incorrectly assumed that their opinion was the only one which mattered.

Another great mistake was to associate the racist intentions of a sliver of his supporters as a joining belief of the whole. The Trump movement was more about an attempt to change what many people believed to be an entrenched and corrupt system than beating up minorities as many detractors came to believe. It was really a situation of right place at the right time. It would almost have to be given Trumps poor communication skills, i.e. his angry unscripted rants supported by the vocabulary of a ten year old boy. I say boy rather than girl because ten year old girls generally have a greater vocabulary than ten year old boys and Trump’s isn’t quite there.

It doesn’t need to be said that Donald Trump is a horrible human being. He is the textbook definition of a narcissistic, opportunist, misogynistic, capitalist pig. His greatest flaw among his peers perhaps being that he does the poorest job of hiding this fact on his public face. But let’s not mistake one thing for the other.

Many Presidents and heroes past have not been the greatest people.

John F. Kennedy for all his contributions to the civil rights movement and his efforts at constructing a peaceful productive society was an extreme womanizer to the extent he may have been complicit in Marilyn Monroe’s murder. The fact that Bill Cosby is apparently a serial rapist does not detract from the fact that he is and always will be one of the funniest stand-up comics of all time. And whatever Michael Jackson’s unhealthy obsession with little boys was does not make him any less of a pop Icon/ musical genius. It is a common mistake to confuse a personality with a job.

Our heroes are always presented with the purest of intentions. Here is a quote from a letter which Abraham Lincoln wrote to newspaperman Horace Greeley in 1862, ““My paramount object in this struggle is to save the Union, and it is not either to save or destroy slavery. If I could save the Union without freeing any slave, I would do it.” This flies in the face of the popular public notion of the man as ‘The Great Emancipator.’ Not that his actions did not ultimately lead to the freeing of the slaves; but political decisions often need to be pragmatic in nature regardless of whichever utopian ideals voters may carry at the time. Trump has been called a racist and the general assumption seems to be that under his rule civil rights would be set back decades. But it is perhaps worthy to note that is has been during Barack Obama’s eight year reign that the increased incidents of much documented police brutality occurred. Also worth noting is that it was Barack Obama himself who increased police presence nationally to a greater extent than Ronald Reagan, George H. Bush, and George W. Bush combined. My only point being that public perception does not always reflect what is actually going on behind the curtain.

A mysterious and clever artist photoshopped Trump’s face onto this photo of a row of Rolling Stones inspired urinals from a bar in Paris, giving new meaning to the term, “potty mouth”.

A mysterious and clever artist photoshopped Trump’s face onto this photo of a row of Rolling Stones inspired urinals from a bar in Paris, giving new meaning to the term, “potty mouth”

Yes we do as a people expect a certain demeanor from our leader. But part of the requirements for being a politician is lying to the public at large on a daily basis. Hilary Clinton has done this time and time again, infamously bending and pandering to whichever social paradigms are popular at the moment… endorsing lengthy prison sentences for black men/ clearly declaring she is against gay marriage/ Endorsing poorly constructed ‘free’ trade agreements; only to completely reverse her opinions of such when the moment is opportune. Yes, all politicians lie. Only few have done it as blatantly as Mr. Trump.

It is obvious that a solid wall along the U.S. / Mexico border will not be built as Donald Trump preached time and time again in rally after rally. It is also obvious that what little policy he did present during his campaign was largely deliberately opaque or flat out wrong. Donald Trump’s strategy up to this point has apparently been to say whatever it takes to win. This was most evident when, only days apart, he declared he was going to appoint a special prosecutor to lock Hillary up and then told an audience that the country owed her a great deal for her incredible years of service. The man lied about everything and anything he could to get elected, and it worked. It was ‘Politics for Dummies’. Given this obvious fact there is no telling what the man will do once in office.
So what then is there to fear from a Trump Administration? For starters he will now be directly responsible for shaping the face of the Supreme Court for decades to come. This is the most serious impact nearly anyone will have over this country in the immediate future. It is an incredible responsibility and the interest of fairness dictates great thought. It can probably be assumed that his choices will be more conservative in nature but one can only hope that whoever makes the vetting process is learned enough to not push the elasticity of the constitution to its breaking point. And while I may not agree with any upcoming major decisions this new court may make I have to realize that were it to fall my way other people would feel just as disenfranchised by the new court’s decisions and that is just the way a ‘democracy’ works. You have to take the good with the bad.
As to the rest of it

there is a general misperception that the Presidency of the United States of America is the end all be all of totalitarian existence.

Even with a red House and Senate Donald Trump is going to find he won’t get at least half of what he wants pushed through. That is the way of our government checks and balances. Politicians spend so much of their lives complaining about bipartisanship that when all that is taken away the real nature of the beast tends to overwhelm. The latent liberal fear that we will end up being ruled by a White Christian theocracy is just that, a dark fantasy. Again we won’t agree with every step taken but in any group there are enough moderates to counter even the most extreme voices.

“Make America Great Again” by Illma Gore was a viral internet sensation, proving that a witty concept can temporarily overcome our gag reflexes

“Make America Great Again” by Illma Gore was a viral internet sensation, proving that a witty concept can temporarily overcome our gag reflexes

Donald Trump is a centralist. It is hard to imagine this mindset can work in today’s global economy but then again I am not a global economist and there may in fact be a way to make this work. The extreme nature of his immigration policy both as it pertains to the flow from Mexico and the international influx of Muslims does not negate the fact there are issues with both which need to be addressed in some form or another. They are problems which more than likely require pragmatic and unpopular solutions; however closely these solutions line up with his policy though is an issue up for much debate. His tax policy is one hundred percent without a doubt designed to benefit him and those like him. But how different is this than the way the one percent has been running this country since the dawn of time. And in spite of the rhetoric she borrowed from the Sanders camp at the end of the Primaries do we really think Hillary isn’t all about the same thing given what we know of her infamous Wall Street speeches?

Much has been said of Donald Trump’s lack of experience and overall knowledge of the political realm but is any individual ever completely versed in all things Presidential. The key to a good leadership position is surrounding yourself with those who know and this is one area where I think many people would be hard pressed to not admit, grudgingly or not, Donald Trump excels. It is my firm belief that he will at least attempt to surround himself with the most knowledgeable, most effective advisors perhaps any cabinet has ever seen. And whatever you think of the man himself, this cannot be a bad thing.

There has also been a good deal of rhetoric about the man having his finger on the button. Again, I find it extremely difficult to believe that any thinking human being would ever again actively use nuclear weapons as a viable option of a civilized nation. The fact that this notion has become as widespread as it has is yet another side effect of the standardized yellow journalism which appears to have permanently marred our political landscape. Yes, Trump was nothing but a horrid brutish bore in his verbal attacks on Hillary but the pendulum swung both ways; only her attacks and parries were dealt with perhaps an ounce more tact and decorum. Still, the notion that the man will start firing off nukes randomly if he is having a bad day is preposterous and should be of great concern to no one.

I get it… we’re all tired. This has been the ugliest election we have ever lived through. It has been emotionally draining. But if it’s any consolation you really never had all that much choice in the matter. The DNC decided that Hillary Clinton was going to be their candidate well before any primary or even any campaigning began and did everything in their power to make sure it happened. They wanted another historic first under their belt and let that fact overshadow all common sense or public desire. And with that they sealed their own coffin. Conversely the RNC had its heart set on Jeb Bush before Trump sashayed his cute pasty ass in front of the country and they did everything in their power to counter a Trump Presidency. This alone warrants a tip of the hat to the flamboyant fallopian fuck.
Still, the level of vitriol and damnation each side has spit at the other is surreal to say the least. No one person deserves the amount of hatred which has built around either of these two candidates. The world is not coming to an end. Fire is not raining down from the sky. The blood of the unborn is not running out of the sink when you turn on the faucet. Boogers are not turning into semen… can you imagine? No, while half the country is upset remember that half the country was always going to be upset. That is how our system currently works. We may not agree with Donald Trump or his policies but his ascension to the throne does not mark the arrival of the Anti-Christ; no matter how bad your hangover this morning.

The most important thing is, and I cannot stress this enough, that no one knows what the man is going to do. Not even himself. I honestly think he has been working so hard to position himself as a winner at any cost that he hasn’t even spent a moment to think about what actually needs to be done. It is a daunting task, running the country. I wouldn’t want it. If he does then more power to him. We can’t participate in the democratic process and then feel cheated when we are on the losing side; especially after Obama just chided Trump for doubting the integrity of the system. If you were on the winning side of this fiasco then don’t prance around and goad like a peacock. Have some sympathy for what, to many of your fellow countrymen, is an extremely difficult time. And if you lost instead of sitting around, wallowing in your sorrow bemoaning how awful it’s going to be, let’s sit back and wait for the man to actually do something worth objecting over. Give him a chance to fuck up. Have faith that he will, every President does. Until then, if you are worried about racism stand up for anyone you see being racially ‘ismed’. If you are worried about sexual predators then stand up for anyone you know who has been sexually ‘ismed’. And if you are worried about the plight of the North American Blue Jay then stand up for anyone who has been Jay ‘ismed’.
Until next time this is D.B.Tarpley saying have an amazing ass day, love thy neighbor, and as always leave the pages bloody.
A salaam alaikum.

The son of a poor immigrant philanthropist. D.B. Tarpley got his start writing dialogue for the imaginary friends of imagination deficient kids on the Lower East Side. ‘The Death of Love’ is D.B.Tarpley’s latest book. I am telling everyone and anyone who will listen to take a look at this book!… It’s a page turner… I have NO IDEA where Tarpley is going with this!… Tarpley must be a genius, he surprises in (both) big and little ways”. – five star review. Over the years D.B. has been discovered and recognized by the Lewis N. Clark committee for creative mastery; in addition to this D.B. was recently tossed the Paul Reubens Fellowship for excellence in self awareness. He currently Summers in Manitowoc, Wisconsin; and Winters in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin. In addition to writing, D.B. is an internationally acclaimed adult diaper model/ pastry chef. His work has been featured in ‘Pee-n-Poop Wear Quarterly’ as well as ‘Dem Some Fine Damn Muffins Magazine.’ His advice to readers everywhere is “Leave the pages bloody.”
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Photo on main page: antitrump poster in Los Angeles.

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