Don Beukes

DON BEUKES: “Education would be the one weapon that no one could take away from me” — interview

When I first met Don Beukes in 2015 via social media, we became fast friends because I could sense in him a deep appreciation for the art of poetry, and, truly, for language in all its myriad forms of expression. Being multilingual, Beukes has an intuitive understanding of how the written word can cross all borders and boundaries to speak directly between souls.

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D.B. Tarpley

"The ubiquitous ‘I’ or that dogmatic nameless bastard" — interview

“Can we even call it writing these days? When I first started I was a ‘writer’ in that I would fill notebook after notebook up with pencil scribbles. Now, I can hardly write legible cursive. No, these days it should be called typing or word processing. No one writes longhand, and if they do it has to be because they don’t have access to a processor.”

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Johnny Longfellow

"We live in an incredibly exciting period as poets, publishers, and editors"

“All that in mind, I think a lot might be gleaned from that tradition’s successes in generating audience, and how it might be applied to today’s declining readership. Here, it’s well worth noting that street papers-vended by the unhoused and economically vulnerable in many cities across the U.S. — are sort of post-modern cousins to broadside ballads.”

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Kevin Edlin

"Most of us have been in a recording studio. Many of us have one in our home" — interview with Nashville audio engineer

“it just occurred to me that even though I live in ‘Music City U.S.A.’ I have brought you very little in the world of music. Almost everyone in this city either is directly involved in some way or knows someone who is. We all have demo albums and we all play guitar. In fact many national acts will not come play our town because Nashville audiences are notoriously hard to impress. Half the people in the crowd can pick up any instrument on stage and give a comparable performance.”

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Spun Counterguy

Interview with DJ and writer

Spun Counterguy (Moonpie Fatfoot) lives in Nashville Tennessee with his new wife and his old banjo. In addition to his writing he spins as a remarkable DJ when his assorted odd jobs don’t get in the way. His book, “Patches of a Second Hand Planet: Vol. 1″ is available now on Amazon.

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