Sudeep Adhikari

"The Hyper-Reality of New Media: The Matrix Revisited" by SUDEEP ADHIKARI

“Our consciousness has been so radically re-organized by information, which is mostly in the form of internet that it is simulating a hyper-world by itself! Not by machines, or aliens or gods; but by our own mind. Apart from the real world with 4-dimensional space-time, we are also a part of a self-created hyper-reality, constantly reinforced in loops by the new media of Internet.”

661 views March 9, 2017  
Sudeep Adhikari

"A Philosophical Investigation of the Idea of 'Psyche as a Self-Organizing System' within the Premises of Jungian Depth-Psychology" by SUDEEP ADHIKARI

“Life emerged miraculously from the primordial molecular chaos, purely as a chance occurrence. There is no causal way to link the incomprehensible multiplicity of life and consciousness to its carbon-compound underground.”

556 views October 29, 2016  
Sudeep Adhikari

"Self-Organization, Life and Consciousness: Relational Pluralism under the Light of Smolinian Cosmology" by SUDEEP ADHIKARI

“Our material universe is a quantum-mechanical relativistic manifold. At the cosmological scale, the nature and evolution of universe is governed by relativity and at sub-atomic level, the evolution and properties of matter is governed by quantum mechanics.”

1192 views June 30, 2016