Adam Martinakis: the inspiration is always internal, it comes form the inside and you carry it with you all the time. Artists are persons who carry their duty all the way with them. It is not really a job it is a way of living. I think my biggest influence from the artistic side is Paul Klee, a Swiss painter from the first half of the 20th century. He was a teacher also in the Bauhaus academy so I have studied a lot his writings. I learned a lot from him about the composition and Basic design. Another huge influence to me is my father. He took part in the civil war during his teen age, had to flee away from his country, after 33 years he came back, raised 5 children, was married twice and at the age of 81 is probably more energetic than most of the people half his age.
[Graphics by Adam Martinakis source: artist’s portfolio]

The colour or the absence of it in a composition, is just an element of storytelling. Many artists are using black and white because it diminishes the information to more basic direction or just helps the atmosphere. I am using it lately for the contrast it offers. One day I wake up and I’m down, the next one I’m up and this has being happening for some time. The contrasts in life are more obvious currently, in this turning point we are living as a society. But, rarely my images are b/w, the elements I use are.
Adam Martinakis — Born in Lubań, Poland in 1972, his mother is Polish and father Greek.
Studied at Technological Educational Institute of Athens, Faculty of Interior Architecture, Decorative Arts, and Industrial Design. Since the year 2000, has been working and experimenting, on Computer-generated visual media (3d digital image — animation, digital video, new media). Has been teaching digital arts & design, graphics, interior design and ceramic design in many art institutes. Member of CultureInside, slashTHREE, Artia Gallery & Art.lica International Art Collectives. In collaboration with WANDA print on commercial projects. Member of the Greek Chamber of Fine Arts. Currently, works and lives in UK, Poland and Greece.
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ADAM MARTINAKIS — printing of man
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